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Name Abrego
Gender Male
Affiliates Gustavo
Affiliation Manisarera Cartel
Race Colombian
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 02: Rasta Blasta Part 1
Anime Episode 08: Rasta Blasta
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Hisao Egawa
English Anime Voice Eli Gabay
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Abrego (アブレーゴ Aburēgo) is the leader of the Manisalera Cartel.


In the anime Abrego's cartel has a shoot out with Roberta, which he some how survives along with Gustavo. Later during the de la Muerte arc he orders Gusavo to find the maid, which ends with most of his men killed and him being ridiculed further by the other bosses. Abrego then receives orders from the Jeffe Alberto Carmasa to allow the FARC to go after the Roberta. Later he talks with the leader of the FARC about the other people involved in the operation. The leader then states he will kill anyone that gets in his way. Abrego is not seen after this. Abrego is arrogant but usually is cowardly when it comes to action. However, despite his lack of all round skill in combat, it should be noted that during the entire shootout with Roberta at the yellow flag, he managed to survive.

At one point in time is mentioned that Abrego and his faction had rough relations with Hotel Moscow in the past, although currently it seems relations have gotten better.