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An Office Man's Tactics
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Episode 26, OVA
Title An Office Man's Tactics
Release Date September 30, 2010
Manga Chapters El Baile de la muerte Part 8
El Baile de la muerte Part 9
El Baile de la muerte Part 10
El Baile de la muerte Part 11
El Baile de la muerte Part 12
El Baile de la muerte Part 13
Chapter guide
Collateral Massacre
Angels in the Crosshairs


Encouraged by Chang, Rock agrees to help locate Roberta. Dutch, however, strongly urges him to get out of the line of fire should he be unable to find Roberta before her conflict with the United States escalates. After working through the night, pondering, Rock, accompanied by Benny, takes Garcia and Fabiola along for a round of fruitless investigations. Eventually, Benny convinces them to stay at Chang's yacht house, where their unusual appearance will not get in the way. Meanwhile, Roanapur's crime lords meet to discuss the situation, and Roberta accumulates the things she needs with the help of a man named Richie Leroy. Still unable to solve the puzzle, Rock enlists Revy's help, who proves more successful than him at getting the townsfolk to talk, and learns from a crazy person about Roberta's involvement with Richie.