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Angels in the Crosshairs
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Episode 27, OVA
Title Angels in the Crosshairs
Release Date January 7, 2011
Manga Chapters El Baile de la muerte Part 13
El Baile de la muerte Part 14
El Baile de la muerte Part 15
El Baile de la muerte Part 16
El Baile de la muerte Part 17
El Baile de la muerte Part 18
El Baile de la muerte Part 19
El Baile de la muerte Part 20
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An Office Man's Tactics
Oversaturation Kill Box


Rock and Revy finally get enough information to find Roberta. They drive to the place where they think Roberta will start the war. Meanwhile, Revy calls Shenhua (the Taiwanese assassin), and asks for backup in return of money. They reach the war zone a bit late, since Roberta has already started the war. Rock gives a letter to Garcia, and asks him to "open it when you can't figure out what to do next." Roberta, as well as Revy, Shenhua, Sawyer, and Lotton kill enemies one after another. Meanwhile, Rock receives a phone call from Mr. Chang, asking him to close up the fight before it's too late. He says that Garcia and the maid are pawns on a chessboard, whose sacrifice is necessary for a checkmate. Rock refuses to do so, and Chang hangs up. In a confrontation, Garcia gets separated from the others, and takes cover behind some crates. Roberta passes by, and drops something, which is picked up by Garcia. It is revealed that Roberta is under the influence of some "central nervous system stimulant," given to her by Doctor Hartland. The bottle says it's Ritalin.

Roberta continues killing by various martial-art kicks and punches, but she is beaten severely by a commander of the Cuban Special Naval Missions Formation, who admits to "know every single move she knows." He reveals that he does not want to kill Roberta; instead, he wants to employ her to his advantage. Roberta deceives and kills him by shooting and punching his face, while Garcia is watching him. Garcia shouts and asks her to stop, and then collapses. Roberta comes to her senses for a moment, and tries to help Garcia. However, being under drug influence, she suddenly feels that Garcia is just an illusion, and tries to kill this illusion by shooting it. A shot is heard, followed by repeated gunshots. At first, it seems that Roberta has shot Garcia, but Burrows (a member of the US Army) radios and reveals that "Sergeant Major Horner secured a boy."