• Daquan501

    Dude, there's should be another season or 2 for this show; It's just so cool & awesome ! This has got to be the greatest anime show in history ! Please let there be more seasons for this :)

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  • Cloudbattosai

    This a post about adopting this wiki, I'm going to adopt any discussion or comment about it leave them here. That way we can make the best decision and take action about the no admit situation.To all who are contribution please comment.

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  • Momusgl

    Hi all! Admin issue

    July 11, 2013 by Momusgl

    Thank you for contributing to one of my favorite series! In my humble opinion one of you should aplly for the Admin position! 

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  • Blackendedsoul

    Hello I am new here and have recently finished watching the series and OVAs. I would like to discuss in this blog about the strength tier of the characters. What I find quite strange is the fact that most of the stronger characters are female.

    Anyways, according to my understanding this would be the the power-tier (although I would like your opinion on it):

    Balalaika and Chang - Strongest characters shown so far. Roberta could also be there but I am putting her in the next level.

    Roberta, Ginji, Revy - Top level.

    Eda, Shenhua, The psycho twins, Dutch - High level.

    Soldiers of hotel Moscow and other war veterans, Fabiola - Mid level.

    The rest are basically fodders.

    I might have missed some as there was a big gap after I watched the series (Watched…

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