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Claude Weaver
Name Claude Weaver
Gender Male
Weapon M2 Flamethrower
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 39: Greenback Jane Part 2
Anime Episode 16: Greenback Jane
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Youichi Nishijima
English Anime Voice Jason Simpson
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Claude "Torch" Weaver (クロード・“トーチ”・ウィーバー, Kurōdo "Tōchi" Wībā) was a heavyset, middle-aged man with blonde hair and glasses and always sports a grin with a look of a stereotypical everyman.


As his nickname would suggest, Claude is a pyromaniac who uses a lighter shaped-and-sized flamethrower as his weapon of choice, although for heavy-duty jobs, he will also use a full-sized flamethrower. In spite of his profession and the fact he burnt his own wife to death (which he claims took five minutes), Claude claims to be religious (most likely the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, due to the fact that his religion forbids consumption of alcohol) and is a teetotaler. He is one of the few characters in the series that does not use foul language, preferring to speak with euphemisms (such as "darn" or "shucks") instead. He was blown up by Revy while hunting for Greenback Jane.


  • He looks very similar to Hank Hill from the television series "King of the Hill" it's unknown whether that character was a direct inspiration or not. But considering both characters like to barbecue and mention products related to fire. It could be possible.