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Name Menshov
Kanji メニショフ伍長
Gender Male
Affiliation Hotel Moscow
Race Russian
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Episode 08: Maid to Kill
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Kenta Miyake
English Anime Voice Richard Newman
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A former Soviet Army sergeant, Menshov was member of Hotel Moscow.


Menshov collected the cafe's "protection" money. While he was collecting the protection money from the cafe with his comrade Private Sakharov they encountered Hänsel and Gretel, who opened fire on the two Russians. Sakharov tried to gun them down but was killed instantly, while Menshov ran out the front door to escape. He was the shot in the legs by the twins and dragged away.

Captured by the twins, he was later shown dead with signs of having been brutally tortured at the hands of the sadistic twins. Hänsel later described, before he died, in detail how Menshov acted while he was being tortured. Balalaika also had flashbacks which revealed that Menshov served under her in Afghanistan. He was also praised by Hänsel for being a strong man as he believed "a normal man would have died alot sooner."


  • He only appears in the Bloodsport Fairytale arc which is the arc he dies in, although he appeared in the Rasta Blasta arc in the anime.