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The Lagoon Company is dispatched to retrieve a painting, The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda, from a sunken World War II-era U-boat that left Germany at the eve of Nazi Germany's defeat and was sunk by the United States Navy near Jakarta. Dutch purchases scuba equipment for Rock and Revy to use in retrieving the painting, and Benny instructs the two to enter the submarine via its torpedo tubes and create a hole to exit. After Rock and Revy, with an APS underwater assault rifle, begin descending, the Black Lagoon is attacked by a group of neo-Nazis who fire TOW missiles at the ship.

Voice Actors[]

Songs used[]

  • Opening Theme – Red Fraction (by Mell)
  • Lagoon Company docks in Roanapur – A Cold Wind in My Mind
  • Rock carrying boxes, looks at scuba equipment – It’s an Easy Afternoon
  • 1945, Nazi crew relaxing – ???
  • Dutch gives Rock scuba equipment – After the Rain
  • Nazi commander informed of Lagoon’s presence – Hakujin Shakai Shugi Danketsu Tou Uta
  • Ending Theme – Don’t Look Behind (ending version)