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Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace
Name Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace
Gender Male
Affiliates Garcia Lovelace
Rosarita Cisneros
Affiliation Lovelace Family
Race Venezuelan
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 44: El Baile de la muerte Part 1
Anime Episode 25: Collateral Massacre
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Ryusuke Obayashi
English Anime Voice Michael Kopsa
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Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace (ディエゴ・フェルナンド・ラブレス, Diego Ferunando Raburesu) was the former head of the Lovelace family who is eleventh in succession and the father of Garcia Lovelace.

While it is one of the thirteen noble families of South America, the Lovelace family fell upon hard times, with only the meager income from their plantations maintaining their lifestyle. He took in Rosarita Cisneros when she was escaping from the Colombian Cartel and her old FARC comrades as a favor to his old friend, Roberta's father. He took her in and treated her as family. Recently, he was assassinated during a speech due to the fact his political beliefs were seen as a threat by many that this event makes Roberta take up the "Bloodhound" persona once more.