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Dutch (ダッチ Datchi) is the leader of the Lagoon Company and presents himself as a former U.S. Vietnam War veteran in the Black Lagoon series. He is the captain and owner of the PT boat Black Lagoon.


He is a heavily muscled African-American man who is 194 centimeters (or 6'4") in height.[1] Dutch appears to be in his 30s and is completely bald, has brown eyes and an almost-full, black circle beard with the upper lip shaven. Additionally, he wears a moss green flak-jacket over a tank top, military fatigues, U.S. military jungle boots, a belt with a sabertooth tiger skull emblem on the buckle, three gold earrings on each ear, and a pair of circular sunglasses, as his eyes are never shown except through the lens. Whenever he is relaxing, Dutch usually removes his flak-jacket. He carries a Smith & Wesson 629 revolver with him as well as wielding a Remington shotgun on occasion.


Dutch tends to stay away from the fighting associated with Lagoon Company's activities. Instead, he gives orders and negotiates contracts with clients, usually Balalaika of Hotel Moscow. However, Dutch is very capable in combat if need be. He is a calm, easygoing character, and most of the time, is quite friendly. He is also displayed as a mentor figure towards Rock.

Dutch functions as the leader and primary negotiator of the Lagoon Company. He is incredibly level-headed and always committed to completing missions, even when those missions might contrast with his morals. For instance, in "Rasta Blasta," Dutch told Rock to try to maintain as detached from Garcia Lovelace as possible, as to not make himself feel guilty about transporting a child as cargo knowing they were partaking in human trafficking.[2]

Dutch is also highly pragmatic; during the group's assault on the neo-Nazi ship, he calls out Revy for taking her anger out on non-combatants, going so far as to compare her to the mass murderer Charles Whitman.[3] He doesn't particularly care about the civilians' lives, but having one of his employees going around killing whomever she pleases makes his company come off as disorganized and unprofessional, and that is something that he will not tolerate. He also avoids taking high-paying but dangerous jobs because those kinds of jobs are a quick way to get killed.

Dutch represents the strongest level-head in the group; where Revy overreacts and becomes violent and where Rock and Benny freak out, Dutch remains calm, cool, and collected even in the most dangerous situations. Dutch has the respect of the entire Lagoon Company, even being able to keep Revy in check when the situation calls for it. Dutch also has the respect and admiration of Balalaika for his past services, and for once saving her life before the start of the series when Balalaika was shot in a duel with Mister Chang as mentioned in "El Baile de la muerte."[4] Overall, Dutch represents a calm, cool, and collected mercenary who is committed to his missions and commands respect.


He has claimed to be a former United States Navy soldier who fought in the Vietnam War, particularly in Task Force 116 of the Brown Water Navy, also claiming that he lied about his age when he enlisted.[5] Shortly before end of the war, Dutch presumably went AWOL, escaped to Thailand and started working as a mercenary. He founded the Lagoon Company at some point during his mercenary career. In the "El Baile de la muerte" saga in the manga, however, it was suggested by Shane Caxton that Dutch most likely lied about his Vietnam service due to his lack of familiarity with U.S. military slang and Dutch being too young,[6] which would leave his past unknown, though it was implied that a man as serious as Dutch would not lie without good reason. In the "L'homme sombre" arc, it is heavily implied by Dutch to Rock that he is "La Mouche" (ラ・ムッシュ Ra musshu; French for "the fly"),[7] a lieutenant colonel in the Burkina Faso Army who was part of anti-French forces who trained in Antsirabe, even having a hand in the planning of the 1989 attempted coup in Burkina Faso.

Black Lagoon history[]

It is unknown how or when Dutch got to Roanapur, but in the city he maintains contact with some friends using a local payphone to call the international code 10013 to get updates and inform them of money transfers.[8][7] At some point, Revy joined his shipping company, utilizing her gun and diving skills as extra insurance. In 1992-1993, Benny joined the Lagoon Company when Revy saved him from being chased and killed at the hands of the FBI and the mafia in Florida.[9] In November 1993, Dutch saved Balalaika during her gunfight with Chang[4] and helped broker peace between Hotel Moscow and the Hong Kong Triad.[10]

Black Lagoon[]

Around the beginning of 1995, Dutch and Revy raided the Melanesia to steal a disk for a job given to them by Balalaika of Hotel Moscow. On the ship, Rock, at the time named Rokurō Okajima and an employee of Asahi Heavy Industrial Co., was separated from his group and punched by Dutch, who asked him about the disk that his boss gave him. Rokurō confirmed that the particular item was in his possession, and Dutch heard from Benny in Black Lagoon's communications room that a Philippine Navy patrol boat was nearby. Subsequently, Dutch ordered the civilian ship crew to stay put for thirty minutes after he left or he would use his torpedoes on his boat. Rokurō thought that he would be safe, but Revy decided to force him onto the Black Lagoon. On board, Dutch berated Revy for bringing the Japanese salaryman on board, causing her to lash out by shooting several bullets around Rokurō and scaring him. Dutch disarmed her until she agreed to calm down, and Dutch took Rokurō onto the deck. As Rokurō laid against the exterior bridge, he told him that he would try contacting his company to retrieve him, afterward entering the galley hatch back to the bridge.

Below deck, Dutch called Balalaika to confirm that he had the disk, pleasing her. Eventually, the crew successfully reached Roanapur and the Black Lagoon docked at night, with the three crew members deciding to get a drink at the Yellow Flag. Benny told Rokurō that he could come along until they contacted his company, so he tagged along. While at the bar, Rokurō noticed the hooligan nature of the patrons, and Dutch told him about the city's history as a den of crime and the Yellow Flag bar's history as a refuge for ARVN defectors. Leaving to go to a bar payphone, Dutch nicknamed Rokurō "Rock," surprising him. As Rock conversed with Benny and Revy, Dutch learned from Balalaika that Rock's company hired Extra Order mercenaries to pursue them, with Balalaika telling Dutch about the new drop-off location elsewhere in Southeast Asia. After finishing the call, the E.O. mercenaries attacked the bar, so Dutch encouraged Revy to use her ambidextrous gun skills to kill the attackers. He himself used his revolver to provide cover for Benny, and he begrudgingly brought Rock with him while escaping. After Rock and Benny got into Benny's car, Dutch ordered Revy to finish and leave, covering for her as well. As Benny drove them to the docks to board Black Lagoon, Revy relayed to Dutch that Bao yelled at her that he was going to "weld [her] asshole shut" for wrecking the bar, making Dutch sarcastically reply that he was scared.[11]

While still a hostage, Rokurō asked what would happen next, Dutch said that he would have to drop off Rock in Malaysia since he was not a part of their plan to begin with. As he complained to them, one of Asahi Industries' managers, Kageyama, called Rock to inform him that he would be declared dead, telling him to disappear in the South China Sea for the sake of the company since mercenaries were after the ship that he boarded. Minutes later, Benny informed Dutch that something fast was approaching their boat, and an E.O. Captain arrived via a gunship and shot at the Black Lagoon, putting holes into its deck. Revy tried her best to use her anti-materiel rifle to take down the helicopter to no avail, and at the same time Rock attempted to flee. Dutch tried to escape but the gunship prevented him fleeing, forcing the Black Lagoon to steer elsewhere, eventually becoming trapped in a small channel. Feeling like they had no choice, Dutch decided that their best bet of evading death was increasing their speed by ditching the PT boat's torpedoes, but Rock dissuaded him since he had a plan. Although Revy found the plan crazy, Dutch laughed that Rock was crazy, but was interested that his plan might just work, so the boat turned back to play a game of chicken with the gunship.

Accepting the challenge, the helicopter fired two missiles at the boat, and Rock successfully diverted the missiles using a flare gun. Getting back inside the boat, Rock hurried for cover as Dutch launched the boat's torpedoes while using a sunken ship as a ramp, successfully landing one torpedo into the gunship, destroying it. Dutch woke up from the boat crash, thankful that he was still alive and asking if everyone was okay. Benny and Revy were awake, but the latter pointed out that Rock yelled something as the torpedoes launched, falling unconscious from the crash afterward. With the disk and their boat intact, the Lagoon Company arrived at the drop-off point on Palawan Island (or the port of Belawan in the anime) to give the disk to Balalaika, who gave it back to Kageyama in exchange for ransom money. Rock told his boss that he quit his job, joining the Lagoon Company as the fourth member.[9]

Chase for ring-ding ships[]

On Rock's first job, he stood on the stern of the deck, calmly shouting into a megaphone to warn a large ship, the St. Jones, to stop or face consequences. When he heard from Benny that the ship threatened to force their way through if the Black Lagoon did not move, Dutch ordered Revy to fire an RPG at the ship's bow, with Revy then taking the megaphone from Rock to yell at the crew members. Dutch then advised Benny to inform their client, Can Wei Bang, that the St. Jones was ready to pillage, and the Lagoon Company soon headed back to Roanapur.[8] While Dutch used a street payphone and talked about a transfer of $120,000 to the Flyers Company, Chen called to him, so he ended his phone call. Walking over to Chen's car, Dutch was silent as the Chinese man tried to convince him to do a job for him and stop taking jobs from the "Fry-face" Balalaika. Sternly speaking, Dutch reminded him that Chen abruptly abandoned a previous job for the Lagoon Company when the weapons deal for the NPA went awry. Chen told him not to bring up past problems, but the pirate replied that Balalaika had integrity, declaring to the gangster that he could hire them using the Lagoon Company's shipping rates.

Soon, Dutch got a job from Donnie Yen to pick up a package from the Vietnamese military, so he had Benny drive him, Revy and Rock to the docks so that they could use the Black Lagoon. At the same time, Chen hired Luak to pursue and kill the Lagoon Company in retaliation for Dutch's rejection, already having bribed Donnie Yen to give Dutch a faux job. As the Black Lagoon traveled across the sea, Benny informed Dutch of six boats pursuing them, but Dutch did not think that they could be naval ships looking for pirates. Rock panicked about the job, but Dutch calmly told him that he felt insulted that Rock did not think that he checked the background on their client. Soon, Dutch received a transmission from Luak on the radio, proclaiming that he would decimate the PT boat. Unfazed, Dutch warned Luak to leave or else he would instead be the one to die.

Unfortunately for Luak, the keen Dutch suddenly slowed his boat down, making two enemy boats destroy one another via friendly fire. Revy volunteered to destroy the boats, so Dutch told her to start with the leftmost boat, swerving the Black Lagoon close to it to allow Revy's rampage. While Revy hopped onto the boats and shot all of the men using a submachine gun and even a grenade launcher, Rock watched the whole battle in awe. Seeing that Revy destroyed five of his boats, Luak tried to flee in his last boat, but she launched a grenade at his fleeing boat, killing him. Dutch and co. returned to Roanapur afterward and relaxed in the Lagoon Company office. At sunset, Balalaika called Dutch to inform him of Chen's loose lips, and he heard an explosion during the phone call, realizing that Balalaika killed Chen at that moment. Balalaika ended the call by saying that she would have a job for him later, and Dutch asked the pirates if they were busy. Hearing that they had time to spare, he invited his crew for drinks at the Yellow Flag to compensate for the false job, exciting Revy.[12]

Rasta Blasta[]

Dutch and Benny see angry Revy

Receiving a delivery job from the Manisarera Cartel, the Black Lagoon stopped next to a Panamanian ship, where Rock checked for all of the packages, one of them being a child. Rock brought the boy on board the Black Lagoon and asked Dutch if he was their package, which the captain confirmed. In the hold, Revy tried to watch the boy but lost her temper when he threw food at her, so Dutch ordered Rock to take over babysitting the boy. Revy and Benny waited in the bridge with Dutch while Rock talked with the boy, finding out that he was Garcia Lovelace, heir to the Lovelace family fortune.

At sunset, Rock left the hold for a bit and entered the bridge to inform Dutch that he was suspicious about the Manisarera Cartel's story since Garcia was not an orphan like they claimed to Lagoon Company, in addition to details left out about his family connections. Revy told Rock not to get attached to their "package," with Rock responding that he did not deny feeling pity but still had skepticism. To ease their worries, Dutch called Balalaika for a favor to get background on both the Manisarera Cartel and the Lovelace family, asking her to get back to him at the Yellow Flag. Rather than going to Hat Yai to finish the delivery of Garcia, he decided to head to Roanapur instead until more light was shed on the cartel and family's businesses. Black Lagoon soon docked in Roanapur, with the Lagoon Company disembarking with Garcia and bringing him to the Yellow Flag.[2] While at the bar, Dutch listened to Garcia mention his maid's strength, and Roberta subsequently arrived and started shooting at the cartel members, shocking Dutch upon learning that Garcia's maid was the killer in front of him.[13]

Dutch and his crew took cover during the chaos while Roberta dealt with the cartel members. While Bao was hiding behind the counter, he saw Revy crawling away, making him shout at her since he thought that Roberta was another "friend" of hers. Immediately after Bao shouted at her, the Manisarera Cartel leader asked the Lagoon Company why they brought Garcia to the bar, causing Dutch to respond that it was not what it looked like. As Revy got knocked unconscious by Roberta after threatening to kill Garcia, Dutch was shocked. Benny checked on Revy and saw that she was alive but had a concussion. Once Roberta was distracted by Garcia's comment about wanting to go with Rock, Benny and Dutch took Revy with them, and the Lagoon Company escaped using Benny's car. As the car drove away, Dutch urged Rock to try and wake Revy up since they needed her gunslinger skills to escape Roberta. Unfortunately, the killer maid soon caught up to them in a stolen car, so Dutch used his revolver to shoot at her to no avail. Roberta drove right next to their car and almost grabbed Dutch out of the passenger window until Roberta's radiator malfunctioned.

As Benny drove across Roanapur in a panic, Dutch told him to think of Roberta as an unstoppable killer robot per Rock's comment, so Benny tried to drive through the alleyways. Despite his maneuvers, Roberta caught up to them in another car, crashing onto the Plymouth Roadrunner into a store window. As Benny tried to start the car, Roberta got up and chased the slowed-down car, using a trench knife to hang onto the trunk.[14] Dutch tried shooting at Roberta, but she jumped onto the car roof and started shooting downward, with Benny's car soon crashing at the harbor. Revy thankfully woke up from her concussion and started a firefight with Roberta, with the latter managing to wound Revy in her arm. While Dutch and the other men stayed in the car, the two women began shooting at each other once more, both soon ending falling onto the ground with their pistols pointed at each other in a furious rage. At that point, several Vysotniki snipers surrounded the two women and forcibly disarmed them. Dutch and the men soon caught up to see the confrontation between Hotel Moscow and Roberta, resulting in Balalaika revealing Roberta's FARC past and the maid agreeing to leave town. Although Dutch and the others were relieved, Revy requested a fistfight with Roberta.

As Dutch watched, he laughed at Roberta getting the first punch and bet that Revy was going to win whereas Benny bet on Roberta. In contrast, Rock thought their bets were barbaric and tried to stop the fight to no avail. After the fight ended in a draw, Dutch asked Garcia if he wanted hekp, but the boy retorted that he and Roberta just wanted to be left alone. At that point, Roberta left with Garcia to Venezuela and Balalaika and her men left the scene. Benny told Rock about Balalaika's ex-Soviet background and her troops' extraordinary discipline and strength, and Dutch poured a bucket of water on Revy to wake her up.[15]

Das Wieder Erstehen Des Adlers[]

In the previous year, a French telecommunications company discovered the wreckage of the U-234 while laying down undersea cable. Later in March 1995, the Lagoon Company got a $50,000 job from a Spanish antique company dealing in Nazi memorabilia to salvage a painting titled "The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda" from the same sunken boat. Before doing the job, Dutch witnessed Rock in town wanting to buy scuba diving equipment from Mr. Lun. After buying the equipment, Dutch brought the gear to Rock at the office, confessing that he saw Rock eyeing the gear and advised Rock to just ask him if he wanted something. Having an ulterior motive, Dutch actually bought the equipment so that it would help the pirates on their salvage job. Accordingly, Dutch and his fellow pirates boarded the Black Lagoon and went to the salvage site. For the job, Dutch assigned Revy and Rock to be the divers, knowing that Revy was a good swimmer and hearing from Rock that he went on a scuba trip once. In the Black Lagoon's hold, Benny had a table in the middle of the room and explained the history of the U-boat and the background of the painting to the Lagoon crew, who saw the pictures of the U-boat members as well as the blueprints of the U-boat for how to enter the ship via the torpedo tubes. Dutch also explained their contractor being a collector of Nazi art as well as the Lagoon Company being hired since several countries were in dispute about the rightful owners of the ocean territory where the U-boat wreckage was.

After explaining the plan, Rock and Revy donned scuba gear with tracking beacons, and Dutch gave Revy an APS underwater rifle as a gift from Balalaika in the off chance that she would need it during the salvage mission. Diving into the sea, Rock and Revy then descended approximately 50 meters below, finding the U-boat. While Dutch and Benny remained on deck to surveil their surroundings, Benny noticed a large ship, the White Heather, heading their way. He remarked to Dutch that the ship should not be the cable company since he listened to the company's communications and discovered that they would not be in the area for a few more days. Once Benny hoisted a Thai Navy flag onto the boat, the White Heather radioed Black Lagoon to ask the latter to respond, with Dutch replying that his boat was PT-377 of the Thai Navy on a mission, in turn asking White Heather to provide her nationality, ship number and signal code. Seeing that the boat was alone, White Heather asked Dutch where his mother ship was, to which he stated that the mother ship was a classified military matter, once more requesting White Heather to provide her information.

Seeing that the White Heather was not responding, Dutch told Benny that he would go to the control room, asking the latter to keep watch. As Dutch started the engines, Benny with his binoculars saw that the enemy crew was loading TOW missiles, yelling to Dutch to steer the Black Lagoon immediately away. As the Black Lagoon sped away from the salvage site, she barely evaded the two TOW missiles while Benny hung onto a fore deck hatch for dear life.[16] Keeping a far distance from the White Heather, Benny and Dutch could only surveil the White Heather as they saw them send a diving pod into the ocean. Finding out that the enemy sailors were neo-Nazis, Dutch knew that they were rather arrogant, asking Benny what he thought of the enemy as a white guy. Benny replied that their machismo did not suit him, adding that he was also Jewish. After Revy and Rock fought the neo-Nazis in the U-boat with the latter group stealing the painting, Benny saw Revy and Rock's tracking beacons activate, making him worry since they did not know that the White Heather had a cache of superior weapons that greatly rivaled Revy's underwater rifle.

Minutes later, Benny and Dutch observed gunfire, which soon ended. Benny was worried that he would have to pick up two bodies, but Dutch told him they would have to go to the site until the White Heather left. Once the enemy ship left, the Black Lagoon sailed to the area and picked up Revy and Rock, who informed Dutch and Benny about the neo-Nazis.[17] Once it was nighttime with the moon gone, Dutch and Revy prepared to disembark the Black Lagoon on a Zodiac raft so that they could stealth near the White Heather and raid the ship. As they traveled to the enemy ship, Dutch asked Revy if she had a fight with Rock, but Revy coldly said that nothing happened between them. Arriving at the ship's side, Dutch and Revy climbed on board with a grappling hook and killed a guard outside. Dutch told Revy to distract the neo-Nazis while he searched for the painting.

After Dutch and Revy killed several neo-Nazis, Dutch found Revy shooting a non-combatant sailor who was part of the White Heather's crew (in the manga, Revy killed all of the civilian sailors). He angrily grabbed her and pushed her against the wall outside the bridge, berating Revy for killing indiscriminately and adding that he "did not hire Charles Whitman." As Dutch and Revy glared at one another, they pulled out their guns but immediately turned them on nearby neo-Nazis, with Revy remarking that she genuinely thought that they were going to kill each other. Splitting paths, Dutch got into Rachmann's room while the latter was on a phone call with Alfred, and Dutch told him he could wait until his call ended, but Alfred requested Rachmann to put Dutch on the phone. Alfred commended Dutch for besting Rachmann's group despite being African, to which Dutch sarcastically thanked the elderly SS officer and called him an "old Nazi fuck." Alfred confessed that he hired both Rachmann's neo-Nazi political party and Dutch's shipping company to see if Rachmann's group could handle themselves and receive future funding.

Black Lagoon e6

Rachmann aims Revy's pistol at Dutch to find it unloaded

When Alfred remarked that he would have given Dutch an Iron Cross if he was born a white man, Dutch was unconcerned and only said that he wanted the money for the painting. Alfred elaborated that he would get paid and that the painting's status did not matter since he just wanted to make sure that the world did not discover the Schutzstaffel financial capital account numbers hidden in the painting. After hearing Alfred's story, Dutch told Rachmann he could continue his call with Alfred, but the old man said that Rachmann had no more use. Dutch and Alfred then exchanged death wishes before ending the call. With Revy coming into the room, she offered one of her Cutlass pistols to Rachmann, telling Dutch that she bet "black" and Dutch replying that it was not a contest and also bet "black" (that Rachmann would turn the gun on them instead of committing suicide). As Rachmann cried and held the pistol to his temple, he became enraged and pointed it at Dutch to find that the gun was not loaded, making Dutch and Revy laugh. The two gunslingers then shot Rachmann dead and took the painting, getting outside to fire a flare to signal Benny to pick them up. As the Black Lagoon sped to them, Revy told Dutch that she could not work with Rock since he did not share their amorality.[18]

Calm down, two men[]

Benny had to finish repairs on the Black Lagoon's engines, so Dutch decided to go to the docks and help him, ordering Revy and Rock to run some errands for the company. Rock was hesitant, but Dutch told him that he needed to solve whatever tension that he had with Revy since he was not involved. At sunset that day, Benny sat on the boat's stern with Dutch coming on deck and saying that the engine gave him some trouble. Benny offered him a can of beer from the cooler, with both men drinking after their hard work.[19]

Bloodsport Fairy tale[]

At the Lagoon Company office, Rock got a call from Boris of Hotel Moscow to learn that their meeting with Balalaika was cancelled, with Dutch asking what Rock learned on the phone. Revy interrupted to say that the meeting was probably cancelled due to the recent murders of Hotel Moscow members. Hearing Revy's estimate, Dutch corrected her that six Russians had been killed. Later after the murders of Private First Class Sakharov and Corporal Menshov, Dutch and his fellow pirates were at the office once more and learned from Revy that Balalaika was likely going to deploy the Vysotniki, the highly-experienced ex-Soviet soldiers of Hotel Moscow. Dutch merely remarked that no one would want to be in a 200 mile radius of Balalaika when she was furious, deducing that the new killers were "seeds of evil" who enjoyed the act of killing. The phone then rang, which Benny picked up and gave to Rock since it was Balalaika specifically requesting him. Dutch sat on the couch as Rock tried to ponder the phrases that the killers used, realizing and informing Balalaika that the killers were most likely Romanian.[20]

Black Lagoon v03c15

When Hänsel and Gretel slaughtered the Verrocchio Family, Dutch overheard the news when Revy spoke with Eda on the phone. As soon as Revy left the office to get in on the bounty hunt, Dutch sighed at the escalating violence.[21] Later the next day after Hänsel got murdered, Gretel commissioned the Black Lagoon as a getaway vehicle out of Roanapur, which Dutch allowed on the condition that the girl give up her weapon and let Eda go free and alive.[22] In a radio call with Balalaika, who wanted to kill the remaining child, Dutch nonchalantly confirmed that he only took on Gretel's job for the money, so she wished him good luck as she sent reinforcements to prevent his job from finishing. As they traveled northward, Benny was surprised to notice that the Vietnamese Navy blocked their path to their original drop-off point around Hainan Island. Benny asked Dutch if they could even try going past, and Dutch reminded him that they only had torpedoes whereas the Vietnamese Navy had missiles, adding that Hotel Moscow's reach meant that they could bribe the corrupt Vietnamese government. Benny initially recommended that they could contact Melody Lee in Brunei, but Dutch rebuffed that such a path was futile due to their fuel amount. When Benny suggested dropping Gretel off with "Bighorn Elroy" in Pangkalpinang, Indonesia, Dutch agreed to the idea.

Arriving at the docks in Pangkalpinang, Elroy greeted Dutch and looked at Gretel, asking him if she was the "cargo" to deliver. As Gretel disembarked and bid Rock goodbye, Elroy shot her in the back of the head, killing her. Although he was not surprised, Dutch remained silent as Elroy explained that Hotel Moscow paid him well, remarking that it would be his last job. Before leaving after the grim affair, Dutch told the distraught Rock to get a tarp for covering Gretel's body, but the ex-salaryman replied that it was not necessary since it would be better for Gretel to look at the sky.[23]

Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll[]

Mister Chang came to the Lagoon Company office after fleeing his bombed office after a bad deal with Hezbollah agents in the city, so Dutch and Benny listened to what he had to say, with Dutch telling Rock to wake up Revy and bring her to the office due to the urgent situation. Commencing the meeting, Chang told Dutch that his men got intelligence documents from a Bulgarian spy relating to a Hezbollah terror plot and failed to negotiate with Hezbollah, so Chang decided that he would give the documents to the CIA instead. Chang elaborated that there would be five teams, including Lagoon Company, leaving Roanapur at the same time to split Hezbollah's forces, and only the Lagoon pirates would have the real documents. Chang told them that delivering the documents to the military base on Basilan Island had a deadline of two days, although they would have a getaway driver. Dutch replied that two days was too short a time frame, so Chang confirmed that he would also pay for their expenses. Suddenly, the meeting was interrupted by a RPG flying into the office and Hezbollah fighters beginning their attack.

Unharmed, Chang pulled out his customized double pistols and offered to help the Lagoon Company escape, with Dutch now agreeing to take the job. Accordingly, Chang and Revy killed the first sets of soldiers who attempted to raid the building, and afterward, a Hong Kong Triad car arrived outside the building to escort the Lagoon Company crew to their boat while Chang and the Triad members fought the rest of the Hezbollah soldiers. Before the car raced away, Chang yelled the password to Dutch.[24] As the Black Lagoon sailed southward, Benny informed Revy in the bridge that several motorboat ships approached them from the rear. Standing above the starboard turret, Revy told Rock to get her a Remington rifle, so Rock found her one, which she used to shoot at a few ships. Unfortunately for them, the ships suddenly spread out, surrounding the Black Lagoon in a net formation at a far distance.

While trying to figure out their plan, Benny informed Dutch that a cargo ship was nearby, which was likely hijacked to serve as a blockade for the Black Lagoon while the net forced them in that direction. Rock recommended that they use the torpedoes, but Revy told him that the torpedoes were not onboard, shocking him. Agreeing with Revy's advice about the enemies' engines, Dutch elaborated to Rock that they would not have enough time to use a rocket launcher to get their engines since they would arrive at the enemy cargo ship in a few minutes. Upon Dutch telling Rock about the explosive Semtex, Rock thought of an idea which his fellow sailors agreed to execute.[25]

Revy, laying down on the fore deck in front of the bridge, had the Semtex bombs attached to a harpoon, and she fired the weapon toward the cargo ship's hull. Upon firing, Dutch turned the Black Lagoon at a 180-degree angle in line with the cargo ship's starboard side with Revy hanging onto a hatch while Rock detonated the explosives, causing the left and right enemy pincer boats to run right into the explosion point, killing the pincers and escaping the net. Right after escaping the net, Dutch told Revy that she and Rock would take the documents and disembark on a Zodiac raft when in view of the Zamboanga Coast while Dutch and Benny would act as a decoy for the remaining pursuers until they reached the rendezvous point.[26] Before leaving at night, Dutch informed Revy that Mister Chang changed the password for the delivery and ordered her to relay the change to Rock, and the team went their separate ways for the remainder of the mission.[27]

Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise[]

While Rock and Revy traveled with Balalaika to Japan so that the former could act as a translator, violence increased in Roanapur due to most of Hotel Moscow's forces being out of the city. Benny heard gunshots on one occasion as he exited his car to see Dutch in the office. As Benny got an alcoholic drink from the fridge, he told Dutch that he was glad that Rock was away since he was not fond of using guns. Putting down his newspaper, Dutch replied that they should have been grateful that Rock did not use guns, adding that Rock's bullets would ricochet back at them given the way that he spoke.[28] After Rock and Revy finished their job and were at a Japanese airport, Rock called Dutch to inform him of his return flight. Remarking that it felt like Rock was away for a century, Dutch listened to and recognized Rock's Jean-Paul Sartre quote about humans being similar to dice. Hearing that Rock only mentioned the quote because he had to figure something out, he told the Japanese pirate that a job for the United Pao Organization would be ready for him when he returned to Roanapur.[29] In the anime, Dutch also offered his own philosophical quote to Rock about shooting the person who tried to put five eggs in three baskets.[30]

Greenback Jane[]

When Eda and Revy rescued Jane from several bounty hunters, Rock drove them to the docks to escort Jane out of Roanapur via the Black Lagoon, but Rock informed Eda on the way there that the boat was being used by Dutch and Benny for business. Going inside the Lagoon Company dry dock, Revy radioed Dutch and asked him and Benny to come back to port and abandon his current delivery, adding that Eda would have the Rip-Off Church compensate for Isaac's goods since saving Jane was a high-paying job. When Dutch agreed, Benny also added that dropping off the cargo that they were going to ship would make their ship travel faster anyway. On the way back to land, Dutch got a call from Lobos, who apologized for the messy situation and requested that Dutch give him more time to call off the bounty hunters that Russell hired to pursue Jane. After the call, Dutch asked Benny if he heard it. Confirming, the electronics specialist in turn asked Dutch if his comment about Roanapur rubbing off on its denizens truly applied to himself and Rock. Smiling, Dutch asserted that both men definitely had a darkness waiting inside them.[31]

As they sped to the docks, Dutch soon saw that the dock house was on fire, angering him. Benny jokingly asked if a nuclear bomb was dropped on Roanapur, with Dutch remarking that he wished that happened since that would mean that he would not be the only person screwed over. As they got close to the docks, Dutch had Benny take over the controls while he climbed above the bridge, ordering Benny to do a U-turn once he got to the docks. At the docks, Dutch fired several smoke rounds from a riot gun at the docks to allow Revy, Eda, Rock and Jane to climb aboard without further pursuit from the bounty hunters. As the Black Lagoon performed a U-turn and left the port, Russell and a few others managed to jump on the stern's deck.

With the gunfights on board starting, Rock escorted Jane into the galley hatch, eventually leading her into the hold. Dutch told Revy that he had to go below deck, assuring the stressed Revy that he would give the bounty hunters a rodeo that they would never forget. Once Dutch took control of the boat, Benny went to the hold. As Revy and Eda tied themselves to the PT boat, Revy radioed Dutch to do his "rodeo", so Dutch abruptly swerved the boat in a U-turn, swerving a great deal of the bounty hunters off the boat. Russell and Claude "Torch" Weaver were still on board, with the former ordering the latter to light the deck on fire while he searched for Jane. In the anime after the first swerve, Dutch handed a hammer to Revy to throw at Green Tooth Johnny, knocking him into the ocean. Avoiding the flames, Revy told Dutch to do another rodeo when she signaled him, and Dutch swerved the boat a second time, allowing Revy to shoot Claude off the boat. Thanks to swerving the boat, Eda also managed to point her gun first at Russell, making him surrender but then soon killing him. With the bounty hunters' pursuit vanquished, Dutch steered the boat across the sea to drop Jane off in another country.[32]

El Baile de la muerte / Roberta's Blood Trail[]

When rumor spread throughout Roanapur about sightings of Roberta, Benny was at the Lagoon Company office when Dutch got a call from Saensak to report any "strange clients" that they recently got. Previously, Revy and Rock were at the Yellow Flag when Bao told them that some guys told him that they saw Roberta, making the two think that he was joking. Rock reminded them that Isaac had also called, and Revy arrived to repeat what Rock was telling Dutch about Bao's testimony. At that point, Bao called the Lagoon Company office soon after Revy got back. Dutch answered the phone, hearing an angry Bao demanding to know what Dutch knew. He told Bao to explain what happened, and Bao told Dutch that 30 minutes before calling, Roberta arrived at his bar while it was closed and asked him for a bottle of tequila. Completely scared of her, Bao gave her the entire bottle, which she drank quickly and then asked Bao for every shop that could help her wage a war. The terrified bartender then directed her to some places, so she left, with Bao remarking to Dutch that he would have wet his pants if not for his steel bladder.

The boat captain assured Bao that he had no information on Roberta's whereabouts or motivation in the city, adding that he promised to call back if he heard anything else. After the call, Dutch told Revy and Rock that he and Benny would meet them at the Yellow Flag later after asking his sources around town, so Revy and Rock went to the bar to talk to Bao.[33] After gathering the information, Benny began to drive Dutch to the Yellow Flag in his 1965 Pontiac LeMans GTO, and he told Dutch about Diego Lovelace's murder as well as the Lovelace family's recent decline and the leftist political party that Diego was affiliated with. As they drove, several cars with machine guns on them passed by, and Dutch remarked that they would likely not be able to get a drink at the Yellow Flag, pulling out his revolver.[34] Upon arriving at the bar, they saw the remains from the destruction caused by Fabiola Iglesias and Gustavo's Colombian henchmen, and Rock, Revy and Fabiola got into the backseat as Benny drove them to Sankan Palace Hotel (where Garcia Lovelace was staying at), causing Dutch to remark that he wish that he could stay at a luxurious hotel like Sankan Palace.[35]

Inside Garcia's suite, Mister Chang was there talking with the boy, angering Fabiola at first until Garcia assured her that he was not there to harm anyone. Dutch then listened to Garcia's information that he got regarding Roberta's recent disappearances as well as her two murders of high-ranking military officers. Hearing that Roberta murdered Colonel Simon Dickens of the U.S. military, Dutch was surprised and told Garcia and Chang that the Lagoon Company refused their job since he did not want to go to war with the U.S. military. At the end of the recollection, Garcia said that he wanted to hire Rock specifically despite initially seeking out the Lagoon Company.[36] Despite Rock's surprised readiness, Dutch told him that he could at least guide them but as his boss ordered him to quit the job immediately if the situation got heated with guns. In the anime, Rock asked Dutch about his role in helping Balalaika in 1993 while trying to ascertain the crime syndicates' relations in the city.[37]

After Rock struck a deal with Eda to get Grey Fox to use the Black Lagoon to complete their mission up the Mekong River, Rock called Benny at the dry dock, and the latter picked up. Realizing that it was Rock, Dutch asked for the phone. Before giving the phone to his boss, Benny told Rock that he liked him as a colleague and did not want to lose him. Rock relayed his plan to Dutch, which Dutch rejected and was irritated with Rock disobeying him until finding out that Mister Chang also wanted the job to go through and offered pay to Dutch, so Dutch agreed seeing that Mister Chang had it all planned for them.[4]

Black Lagoon v09c72

The night of escorting the troops, Fabiola and Garcia also boarded the boat as Dutch greeted Shane Caxton and welcomed him on board, and the latter was glad to meet another U.S. veteran of the Vietnam War. While talking to Dutch, who told Caxton that he served in TF116 of the BWN, he noticed that Dutch did not understand basic military slang as well as Dutch appearing too young to have served. Benny told Caxton that he and his men would have to sleep in several rooms in shifts (including the engine room) due to the small spaces. Additionally, Benny and Dutch saw the travel documents that the NSA and the Rip-Off Church forged for them, surprising them due to the numerous amount.[5] When the Black Lagoon finally arrived in the Golden Triangle region in the pitch black of night, Grey Fox prepared to disembark. In the anime, Dutch told the troops to get off his boat but then apologized for his anger due to him drinking some alcohol.[38]

Major Shane Caxton disembarked the PT boat, but not before telling Benny that Dutch was very likely lying about his past as a Vietnam War soldier and that he was still young. Although Benny did not seem to really care about Dutch's potential history, Caxton advised him to keep his guard up.[6] In the end, the U.S. troops captured Shue Yan and Roberta stopped her revenge campaign, so Dutch escorted them out of the region again. In the anime, Dutch was the one who gave the duffel bag of cash from the completed job to Rock.[38]

The Wired Red Wild Card[]

At the Lagoon Company headquarters, Benny and Rock relayed the smelly room to Dutch and Revy, with Revy surprised to learn that it was a certain room. As Dutch and the others were eating, Revy recalled the incident where Ronnie the Jaws had four Australians murdered and left their corpses in that room where Feng Yifei was staying, laughing about the melted corpses to Benny and Rock's disgust. After her story, Dutch remarked that Feng must be quite tough to work in such a smelly room, then telling Revy and Rock to visit Ronnie about a recent shipment for him from Tamil gangsters at a certain container yard.[39]

At the docks, Benny and Jane were packing up several items since Benny had time off and Jane hired the Lagoon Company to ship her around the sea so that she could spend time with Benny, and Dutch would drive them across the sea. At the same time, the Lagoon Company got a job from a bank robber to give him passage on the Black Lagoon, but the client got killed, so Rock and Revy decided that they would tell Dutch to cancel the mission later that night.[40] On board the Black Lagoon, Jane threw herself onto Benny on the fore deck to make out with him, irritating Dutch since they were right in front of the bridge window.[41] After Jane got into an argument with Benny regarding her new predicament, Dutch almost snapped from her angry behavior and wanted to leave her on a deserted island, but she got dropped off elsewhere and Dutch and Benny went back to Roanapur.[42]

L'homme sombre[]

Eating some food with her comrades, Revy told her fellow Lagoon pirates that Chang told her to inform them of the recent murders of Black men in Roanapur, specifically Black men of big and tall stature. Benny smiled and told Dutch that he fit the picture, with Dutch sarcastically replying that he was wetting his pants thinking about the murderers. When Revy mentioned the specific date of September 18, 1989, Dutch's eyebrows raised but he kept his surprise hidden, and he left the building after telling Revy that he would be on guard.[43] After doing some research, Rock talked to Benny and told him to look at the former's computer, showing that several warehouse deals for their company were recently canceled. Benny wondered if Dutch was responsible, and Revy popped in to ask what they were discussing.[44] Benny remarked that it did not seem like something Dutch would do, and Rock articulated that they would need to at least look into the situation to see if they would be harmed.[45]

Later after Rock and Revy captured and recruited one of the assassins, Le Majeur, they went to see Dutch at the docks and found Benny. Rock asked him where Dutch was, with the captain appearing to warn Rock to mind his own business. Rock then asked if he knew the name "La Mouche," and Dutch hesitated and then sarcastically stated that it was his mother's name. Seeing that Dutch was annoyed, Rock replied that he merely wanted to stop the violence for their sake as well as Roanapur's sake on behalf of the Council. When Rock said that he had a plan, Dutch smiled and asked Rock what his plan was to stop the murderers.[46] Learning about Rock's plan to lure the murderers out using himself as bait, three nights later, Dutch walked into a nightclub, wherein four women of Les Cinq Doigts confronted him and addressed him as "La Mouche." Balalaika and her Vysotniki then turned around and revealed her forces, proclaiming to the Frenchwomen that they would end up as pig food for killing her men.[47]

Immediately, the Vysotniki began shooting at them. As the women took cover, L'annulaire angrily ran towards Dutch and tried to shoot him, but he shot her first in the leg, bringing her to the ground. As L'annulaire angrily looked up at Dutch, he advised her to not lose focus next time and enjoy hell, and the Vysotniki shot her dead.[48] Soon, the other Frenchwomen were killed, and in the chaos two Vysotniki were killed whereas six were injured, but Dutch remained alive and unharmed. About a day later after the ordeal, on the dry dock building's second floor, Dutch was listening to some Marvin Gaye music when Rock entered and joked about the specific music. Dutch asked Rock what he wanted, and the Japanese man told him that the plan went smoothly, with Dutch concluding that the identity of "La Mouche" would be kept hidden.

Rock then smilingly asked if the man in front of him was "La Mouche," but Dutch suddenly got up and said he had to leave. While exiting the door, Dutch turned around and smiled back, saying to Rock that "La Mouche" would surely thank him if he was there, and he left. On the Roanapur streets, Dutch went to a payphone and called someone to tell them that he transferred them a sum of $230,000, informing the person that he would stay in Roanapur for now.[7]

New Girl in the Hood[]

After Rock and Revy had guided Le Majeur around town, they drove back to the dry dock on Dutch's request. Once Majeur briefly met Dutch, she boarded the Black Lagoon for his test of employment for their next job. As Dutch piloted the Black Lagoon just outside Roanapur, he bantered with Benny about the irony of employing the same woman who was part of the group that wanted to kill him. Once Majeur swam to the Buddha statue and back to the PT boat, Dutch piloted the boat back to land and confirmed to Revy that Majeur had passed his test.[49]

El réquiem de los Desalmados[]

Sometime later, Dutch was relaxing at the Lagoon Company office when he received a call from Mister Chang. Learning that the Triad boss wanted to speak with Rock, he gave the ex-salaryman the phone.[50]

Light novel history[]

Shaitane Badi[]

In the first official light novel Shaitane Badi, the Lagoon Company had to ditch a job since their client got caught in a sting operation, but in Indonesia they got a job from a redheaded woman named Jane. Although suspicious about the details surrounding the job, Dutch agreed to the job and the high pay offered. On Black Lagoon, Jane had an assault team go on the PT boat (without her) to use as stealth transportation to attack an oil tanker called the Zaltzman. When Dutch called for one of the mercenaries, Stan, he saw from Rock's hand gesture that Stan was on heroin. Wanting to review the plan, Dutch asked Stan if the plan had any changes since the last briefing. Although Dutch was worried at Stan's expression and the hazy job, Stan only reminded Dutch that the PT boat would only have to steer in front of the tanker as a distraction while the mercenaries would attack the ship. Seeing Stan shrug, the boat captain sternly told Stan that the latter's team would need to finish the attack in 10 minutes or else the PT boat would flee the scene.

Accepting the time limit, Stan asked Dutch to call for his friends in the hold, so Dutch ordered Rock to summon them since Benny quickly darted into the communications room. Once the mercenaries began to disembark Black Lagoon onto Zodiac motorboats, Dutch muttered about the unusual, cartoonish clothing that they wore, with Benny adding that he saw a ninja among them. Looking at Rock, he asked him if there were a lot of ninjas when he grew up in Japan, but Rock rejected the assumption. As the crew waited, Benny suddenly noticed a blip on the radar, informing the tense Dutch that it was likely a helicopter. At that moment, Dutch yelled for Rock since he saw the helicopter, and Rock had already grabbed his binoculars to check out the vehicle. Noticing that it was a civilian helicopter, Dutch radioed Stan to warn him of the helicopter, but Stan was unconcerned and claimed that his group's real target was actually on the helicopter, making Dutch feel even more suspicious. After the radio line went dead, Dutch nonetheless had Revy and Rock go on the stern to begin their distraction mission.

While Rock began to calmly but nervously threaten the Zaltzman to stop, Dutch learned from Benny that the ship had not communicated with them yet. As he lit his cigarette, Dutch dropped it upon hearing Mister Chang's voice over the loudspeaker say that he did not approve of the PT boat aiding the attack but would forgive them if they moved out of the way. Running into the radio room, Dutch grabbed the radio from Benny and yelled for the crew to get Chang on the line as soon as possible due to the looming danger. As the attack began and Revy herself began to climb the ship to help and protect Chang, Dutch informed Chang that Revy was coming to his aid. The Triad leader appreciated the help but clarified that he wanted the sniper on the mast, Stan, to be dealt with. Finishing the call, Dutch accepted that he had been tricked, and Rock asked if they should prepare countermeasures since he saw a flare in the sky earlier. Agreeing, Dutch ordered Rock to arm the torpedoes whereas he ordered Benny to keep watch of the radar. Accordingly, Benny headed back to his room to stand by when he noticed a silhouette revealing itself by the wall, yelling at Dutch to warn him.

Reacting fast, Dutch ducked to barely dodge Falcon's knife, making Dutch pull out his revolver to shoot. Quickly adapting, Falcon threw some smoke powder to conceal his whereabouts and confuse Dutch before he could shoot, with the Lagoon captain realizing that Falcon was hired to act as sabotage. Backing away from the smoke, Dutch then heard the noises of the steering gear breaking due to Falcon in the smoke damaging the machinery. Although Dutch saw Falcon's shadow, his bullets did not hit the fast-moving silhouette. Immediately, Falcon left the room and pushed Rock down into the bridge as he fled, so Dutch told Benny to get grenades from the armory. Once getting the grenades, Dutch threw 4 grenades into the nearby water, causing great explosions. After the loud noise ceased, Dutch's crew saw a trail of red color and black cloth in the water, thinking that the ninja had been killed. Dutch wondered how the ninja was able to leave one of the Zodiac boats and swim and climb back aboard his ship, and Rock mentioned something about how a ninja could train to walk on water. The three of them then noticed a getaway boat far away, realizing that the mercenaries had more backup plans. On Dutch's orders, Benny got his camera equipment so that he could take photographs of the enemy ship to investigate later. In due time that night, Revy and Chang killed some of the mercenaries but let Stan, Jake and two others flee the scene.[51]

After the attack ended, Benny managed to repair the damage to the PT boat an hour later, so the Lagoon Company and Chang with his men began to head back to Roanapur. Below deck, Dutch asked Chang about any clues that would reveal the mercenaries' identities and if he was aware of any enemies who knew his whereabouts. While Chang indicated that he wanted the Lagoon Company to make it up to him by hunting down the mercenaries, Benny interrupted to inform them that he had a clue via a photograph of the getaway ship. Examining it, Rock saw that the Cyrillic script said "Нефрит," the Russian word for jade. To Dutch's curiosity, Chang realized that it was a boat owned by Hotel Moscow, and soon all of them docked in Roanapur. The coming morning, Dutch visited Balalaika at the Bougainvillea Trade Company building. There, he informed the Russian leader about the Nefrit and how it was used as a getaway vehicle by Dutch's clients after their failed assault.

Although Balalaika laughed at the attack on Chang's ship, Dutch did not laugh about it and clarified that he had no idea that both ships belonged to the Russian and Chinese mafias. Balalaika assured him that she was just joking, reminding Dutch that he had witnessed the aftermath of her fight with Chang years ago. Stating his position and goal, Dutch responded that he came to her first since he did not want to do any investigating behind her back. Appreciating his honesty, she paid attention to Dutch's clue of the ship picture, which Balalaika confirmed belonged to her until three days ago, surprising Dutch. He then showed her a Dragunov rifle casing, which Balalaika also recognized. When Dutch mentioned that the sniper was also a skilled paratrooper, this detail surprised not only Balalaika but Boris too. Balalaika confirmed that any of her Vysotniki could have done the job, but Dutch decided that he would continue his investigation elsewhere, politely refusing Balalaika's offer to breakfast. As he left the office to speak with Leroy, he stepped aside from a woman, Tatiana Yakovleva, outside the door and excused himself. Throughout town, Dutch asked for clues and came up with nothing, so he called for his fellow pirates to reconvene for lunch.[10]

Later as the pirates ate some pizza at their own office, Rock remembered that he had a business card from the mercenary Jake, with the tired Dutch initially glaring at him. Checking out the website link on the card, Benny decided to check out the website, with Dutch agreeing since he had nothing else to do. Seeing a logo of a customized gun, Dutch wondered aloud if Jake was running an internet business, but Benny answered that it was more of a journal. To their surprise, they all saw a photoshopped picture of Revy and a caption by Jake, prompting Dutch to advise Benny to close the browser. Enraged at the post, Revy shot the computer monitor, shocking the other three. At that point, Chang called the office to inform Dutch that the mercenaries' hideout had been found, so Dutch had Revy go with some Triad affiliates for the assault.[52]

Some days later after the Lagoon Company, Hong Kong Triad, and Hotel Moscow respectively eliminated or dealt with the various mercenaries, Dutch agreed to one more job for Chang to make it up to him. Hearing Revy's complaint about another job, Dutch quoted a French nobleman about how one's physical labor relieved one of the mind's fatigues. As they headed out to the sea to prepare a pirate raid against a disguised smuggling ship, Dutch laughed about Revy pointing out Rock's hypocrisy for criticizing the mercenaries' outfits while he still wore a business shirt and necktie. Once Benny spotted the target ship, Dutch ordered Rock to help Revy on deck to threaten the enemy crew. Dutch prepared the engines but heard Benny's sudden warning about another nearby ship, which they soon learned belong to Catherine Morgan, who accused the Lagoon Company of murdering her sister Caroline Morgan on the Zaltzman. Annoyed at the enemy pirates' cartoonish attitude, Dutch rhetorically asked Revy if she wanted to fight them, and the two pirate boats clashed with each other.[53]

Ballad of the Sinful Wizard[]

In the second official light novel Ballad of the Sinful Wizard, Dutch was at the office when Mister Chang visited the Lagoon Company. Sitting on the armchair, the Triad leader spoke with Dutch and Rock about Budaibang's presence in Roanapur because the Fujianese crime syndicate wanted to find Tricia O'Sullivan for an arranged marriage with a high-ranking Communist Party of China leader's grandson. Assessing the tremendous situation and the attack at the Yellow Flag involving Budaibang gangsters, Lotton, Tricia and Revy, Dutch was surprised to learn that Budaibang apparently got the info about Tricia's location from the NSA. Chang then mentioned that the Rip-Off Church once acted as a mediator between him and the CIA to stop the NSA's plan, indicating that the CIA likely had an interest in Tricia somehow. Seeing Rock's expression that he got whenever he concocted a wild plan, Dutch felt odd about the job to find out who Tricia's abductors were as Chang soon left. Despite Rock urging Dutch to consider the job since the CIA's presence could threaten Roanapur, Dutch responded that Roanapur's future would be left to the Council. Still adamant, Rock retorted that Chang knew that the Lagoon Company was ideal due to their neutral status.

Lagoon company novel illustration

Although remembering Rock's recent despair after the attempt to help Garcia and Fabiola, Dutch agreed and also thought to himself that his past beyond his supposed Vietnam War service could be revealed because of the CIA's possible presence. Speaking to the irked Revy, Dutch relayed to her and Rock that their clue to find Tricia was Lotton, so the two pirates left to search for him. Slightly curious about the situation, Benny asked Dutch if he was off-put by the CIA's alleged presence. Set aback, Dutch then heard Benny jokingly ask if he had something to hide beyond his alleged wartime service. Slightly annoyed by his question, Dutch in turn asked Benny why he cared given that he did not bother prodding Benny about his history with the FBI and the mafia. Agreeing with his answer, Benny apologized and went back to typing on his computer. Thinking to himself, Dutch commented that nothing could be connected to his own past if he did not throw himself into the fire, saying that he hoped that the relative peace in Roanapur lasted a little longer.[54]

Later in the next late night at the dry dock building, Dutch waited on the second floor while Rock managed to convince Lotton to tell the crew about his involvement with Tricia. Seeing Tricia sleep, he was surprised at her tranquility since he claimed that the couch in the dock house was old and uncomfortable unlike the good couches meant for the Lagoon Company office. After discussing the new plan with Revy, she grumpily asked how much longer Rock would talk with Lotton. As Revy smoked her cigarette impatiently, Dutch commented how Rock had a monopoly on the ability to keep Revy calm. Before Revy could explode in anger, Rock came down from the ladder and informed Revy and Dutch that Lotton had agreed to cooperate if they followed his conditions. Dutch asked Rock if Lotton was working with the CIA, but Rock answered that Lotton had no idea who the person was on the other end, holding up the mobile phone. Smiling with an idea, Rock told Dutch that they could begin the hunting by luring out the enemy using the prepaid phone.

Recognizing Rock's look of contemplation, Dutch inquired about Lotton's particular conditions, with Rock elaborating that they needed to send someone to Pangkalpinang for a small purchase as well as requesting Dutch to contact Balalaika for Hotel Moscow's help. Although saying a few words in hesitation, Dutch stopped mid-sentence upon seeing Rock's face, assuring Rock that he would do his best to talk to Balalaika soldier-to-soldier.[55] By the following morning, Dutch succeeded in talking to Balalaika and recapped the Lagoon Company's plan and intel to her.[56] Afterward, Dutch and Benny sailed on the Black Lagoon to Pangkalpinang to get a custom pillow for Lotton.[57] This was because Lotton agreed to help the Lagoon Company trick the person after Tricia on the condition that he would receive a replacement pillow for Shenhua's pillow that he damaged. After the whole ordeal in Roanapur, Dutch successfully brought the pillow back to town, and Rock personally delivered it to Lotton.[58]

Gore Gore Girl history[]

Dutch has appeared a few times in the spinoff manga Dismemberment Galore! The Gore Gore Girl.

Volume 2[]

The Lagoon Company got a job to receive four containers of refrigerated corpses and needed Sawyer the Cleaner's corpse disposal services, so Dutch waited at the dry dock with Sawyer while Revy and Rock were on their way with the containers. After Dutch finished talking to his client on the phone, he told Sawyer that they would have to wait for a bit longer. Upon his stomach grumbling, he asked her if she wanted to get some food delivery. Pulling out her basket, Sawyer showed him various kitchenware and food like scones, shortbread, and a thermos of tea. He tried the tea and complimented it, and he enjoyed her sandwiches, admitting that he was genuinely impressed with her homey food. When Sawyer pulled out a teddy bear and showed it to Dutch, he only puffed some smoke in response, saddening Sawyer. He responded that they should act businesslike and reminded her that the dock was once set on fire during her attack.

Scratching his neck, he joked that he could forget about the incident since her tea was delicious in order to cheer her up. Seeing that Sawyer was still sad and hugging her bear, Dutch gave up and sat back down to light another cigarette. Looking at his watch, he saw that the sailors were late and hoped that they arrived soon. Hearing noise outside the dock, Dutch looked out the blinds and saw the car, sighing since there were four containers of frozen corpses scattered over the place. Angrily exiting the car, Revy yelled to Dutch about other groups trying to steal the corpses, and he wished that she would calm down, especially since she shot back at the rivals when they arrived at the scene. Looking back at Sawyer, he reminded her that disposal would be her responsibility, and she held her fingers up to negotiate who would do the work. Surprised at her offer of 70/30 wherein he got the bigger amount of work, Dutch remarked that the profit was a joke, but acknowledged that the job of "cleaning" was certainly different from his own end. Relaying to her he understood, Dutch stated that compensation balance was important, joking that it was better than doing eighty percent of the work.[59]

Volume 3[]

Dutch's client disappeared and his group had leftover meat, so they went to the beach to relax and have the meat cooked. While Dutch relaxed on a beach chair, Revy asked if she could start eating the meat, and he clarified to her that he already received the shipping fee and their client had disappeared, so she could dig in. Soon, Eda had arrived to Revy's disappointment, but the nun told her that Dutch had invited her, confusing Revy. Soon, the Yellow Flag cook Nhân finished cooking the meat, so Dutch tried one of the burgers and savored its taste. Unknown to him, the "Kobe beef" in the burger was actually human meat, and Rock soon returned to the scene to see him and the others try the human meat burgers, disgusting the ex-salaryman.[60]

Volume 7[]

After Black Lagoon picked up Sawyer, Choptop, and two cleaners from a small island, a large ship later appeared and stopped right behind the PT boat. Hearing Revy's request to board the ship for exploring it, Dutch ordered her to return to Black Lagoon immediately if the situation became chaotic. Whereas Dutch calmly waited for her to be done, Rock was slightly on edge and wondered if she would be all right. He reminded Rock of the order he gave her, adding that they could not go anywhere either way due to the large fog in the area.[61] When Revy and three cleaners returned, Dutch learned that the large ship was a trafficking ship whose crew were soon killed by a cocaine-intoxicated monkey, and a small child survived. Before he left the area, Dutch radioed the maritime police about the child being alone on the ship. In the bridge, he then told the curious Choptop about calling the maritime police to pick up the girl, so the happy punk suggested returning to land as soon as possible to eat some food.[62]

Volume 8[]

At the beach, Dutch was relaxing beneath a parasol when the giddy Revy asked him if she could eat the lobster that Nhân was cooking. Stating that seafood went bad quickly and they did not have a nearby refrigerator to store it in, he answered that she could eat the lobster immediately. Dutch and Benny continued to relax while she and Rock conversed with Nhân about his new cooking ideas.[63]


  • In the First Popularity Poll released for the May/June 2008 issue of Monthly Sunday Gene-X, Dutch finished in 13th place with an unspecified number of votes. Among female readers, he ranked 10th, tying with Hänsel.[64]
  • In a popularity contest during the 10th manga collection release, Dutch ranked 17th with 98 votes.[65]
  • In a popularity contest during the 12th manga collection release, Dutch ranked 12th with 283 votes.[66]
  • Dutch is shown to be an avid fan of philosophy. At one point, he is seen reading Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, has books by Deleuze, Rousseau, Hegel and Hume on his bookshelf,[37] is familiar with Jean-Paul Sartre,[30] quoted Karl Marx at one point,[53] has quoted Friedrich Nietzsche, and is familiar with the Gongyang Zhuan.[54]
  • According to the anime settei, Ginji Matsuzaki was modeled to be the same height as Dutch.
  • Dutch bears some resemblance to Ving Rhames' character Marsellus Wallace from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, with a very similar calm manner and mentor-like personality.


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