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Name Elvis
Gender Male
Affiliates Russell
Affiliation Neveral Cartel
Race Cuban-American
Status Deceased (Presumed)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 38: Greenback Jane 1
Anime Episode 16: Greenback Jane
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Shinpachi Tsuji
English Anime Voice Paul Dobson
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Elvis is the leader of the Neveral Cartel. A Cuban American who originally lived in Miami, Florida, the man is willfully ignorant of the customs of the crimelords of Roanapur and his actions are a testament of it. In episode sixteen, he shoots Leo in the back of the head and tells Greenback Jane to make the counterfeit money in two days. While he is away and two of his henchmen are playing cards outside of the room where Jane is working, Jane escapes, and he and his men chase after her in their car.


They chase her to the Rip-off Church, where he shoots at the door putting a hole in it. Revy gets Eda's gun along and starts to open fire on them. He ducks behind one of the cars as the gunfire starts. Later, he orders his men to shoot back; whereas, Lobos tells them to hold their fire. Lobos tries to negotiate with Revy, Eda, and Rico. When this fails, Yolanda finally pulls out her custom Desert Eagle and shoots one of his cars, making it explode. Later he is dragged by two of his subordinates away from the church into another car where they drive away.

In the hospital, he sends "Groovy-Guy" Russell out to capture Jane and tells Lobos to call their allies in Florida for back-up and that he doesn't care whether such actions would start a war with the Triad and Hotel Moscow. His ultimate fate is unknown, although it is heavily hinted that Lobos kills him to avoid further trouble in Roanapur.