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Frederica Sawyer
Name Frederica Sawyer
Kanji フレデリカ・ソーヤー
Gender Female
Affiliates Shenhua
Weapon Chainsaw
Race British
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 39: Greenback Jane Part 2
Anime Episode 16: Greenback Jane
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Asami Yaguchi
English Anime Voice Saffron Henderson
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Frederica Sawyer (フレデリカ・ソーヤー, Sōyā), also known as Sawyer the Cleaner, or simply Sawyer, is a young girl who appears to be in her late teens-early twenties and specializes in body disposal.


Sawyer is the cleaner the Triads turn to for executing people in the most brutal ways possible, usually to serve as examples for their clientele and enemies. Her legitimate business front is, fittingly, a meat packing business named "U.G. Pork".

Sawyer works in a white-tiled room which is covered in blood from her various executions, and uses a chainsaw as her tool of trade. When on the job, she is dressed like a surgeon, but otherwise she wears gothic clothing. Few people seem to recognize her when she is not wearing her surgeon's robes because when she's on the job she wears a mask and goggles. Because her throat had been cut open at some point, she speaks with an electrolarynx. She also exhibits various emotional issues, as she will drop into fetal position if she loses her electrolarynx.

Like Shenhua, Sawyer is an assassin who eschews the use of firearms in combat. Instead, she utilizes a thick-bladed chainsaw over half-her-height long, the same one she uses on her victims. The size and build of the weapon allows her to deflect rapid gun-fire with horrifying ease, although this can still push her back.


Much like Roberta, Sawyer is presented as an "unstoppable" attacker, much in the manner of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where she will cut through any obstacle in her path while stalking her prey and the fact she enjoys her work immensely makes her even more dangerous.

Her name may also be a homage to the Sawyer family of that film series and when she realized she had lost her electrolarynx in episode 18 she briefly reenacts Leatherface's "chainsaw dance" of rage. She is one of the few bounty hunters to survive the manhunt on Greenback Jane, and is later seen doing some "cleanup" work on a Roanapur side street in the morning. She worked with Shenhua and Lotton the Wizard in helping Garcia Lovelace fight off the Colombian Cartel, who were trying to kill Roberta. She also seems to have replaced her handheld electrolarynx with a wraparound version of the device that can be worn around her neck.


  • Just like Shenhua, Sawyer first showed her fear of Roberta after their first encounter when Roberta managed to stop and break the chain of Sawyer's chainsaw with her guns.
  • In Chapter #41, scars can be seen on Sawyer's wrist while she is climbing a ladder, implicating that she self-harms. 
  • Sawyer will have a mental breakdown (Melancholia) if her ultravoice is broken (Issue #42)
  • Sawyer and Lotton stayed together in Shenhua's House (Issue #57)
  • In issue #78, it is revealed that Sawyer is not just a Body cleaner, but also has a cleaning service and some workers under her employment (not an ordinary "cleaner").
  • Sawyer's scars

    In issue #78, it is shown that Sawyer wasn't too worried about communicating without her ultravoice as she is able to do so by tracing letters with her finger on Rock's back.
  • Sawyer demonstrates similarities to the character Leatherface, from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" series, as they both wield a chainsaw, work in meatpacking businesses, can't speak at times and hold the surname Sawyer.
  • In the First Popularity Poll, Sawyer ranked 8th place with 205 votes.
    • In a popularity contest during the 10th collection manga release, Sawyer ranked 10th with 485 votes[1]