Summary[edit | edit source]

Greenback Jane, a money counterfeiter working for a Florida crime syndicate, angers her bosses by breaking a deadline and makes a run for it. Asking for entry at the the Church of Violence, where Eda and Revy are drinking, she is turned away by Eda. Members of the Florida mafia arrive moments later and fire into the church, prompting Eda and Revy to respond in kind. They are joined by Rico, an apprentice priest, and Yolanda, and the mafia members are driven away. Inside the church, Jane proves her counterfeiting skill, and Eda sends her to a motel. Russell, a member of the Florida mafia, begins to collect bounty hunters in Roanapur, including Shenhua and Sawyer the Cleaner, a mute that uses a chainsaw in battle. Despite their willingness to take the bounty, the bounty hunters criticize Russel for his inexperience in the city and his cowboy appearance. As the bounty hunters depart, Rock, Eda, and Revy arrive at Jane's motel.

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