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Li Xinlin
Li Xinlin.jpg
Name Li Xinlin
Gender Female
Affiliation La Cosa Nostra
Former Affiliation People's Liberation Army
Race Chinese
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 77: The Wired Red Wild Card Part 1
Anime Voice
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Li Xinlin, also known as Feng Yife, was part of the Chinese People's Liberation Army as a hacker.

Xinlin's assignment was to enter into Greenback Jane's group of hackers. She joins Jane's group unaware that Jane knew what she was after from the beginning and who she was by her unique hacking skills. Later Jane's group does a quick hack job which Yi believes to be a routine job. Later she learns from a superior that she helped hack into the P.L.A database and is now believed to be rogue by the army. When her superior disconnects the phone call she runs out her rented apartment and into the streets. Later she meets up with Rock and Revy, who grab her and take her safely away from the four brother assassins that have been hired to kill her. Later, she gets out the car and walks away explaining that even with her government's army after her she will fight hard to survive and won't go out without a fight.


  • In a popularity contest during the 10th collection manga release, Li Xinlin ranked 14th with 156 votes[1]