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The Lagoon Company is approached by Mr. Chang, the head of the Roanapur Triad, to transport a briefcase containing information on the Protectors of the Islamic Front, a terrorist group, to the CIA. While they are conversing, they come under attack from the terrorists, but Chang and Revy dispatch the attackers. The group leaves on the Black Lagoon, but are pursued by ships belonging to the terrorists due to the foresight of Masahiro Takenaka, one of the leaders of the Protectors of the Islamic Front. Revy and Rock are forced to leave the Black Lagoon and seek a land route. Takenaka poses as their getaway driver, and although Revy sees through his charade, he takes Rock and escapes. Revy is saved by Shenhua, an assassin in Chang's employ, and she convinces Shenhua and her partner Leigharch to save Rock in order to retrieve the documents. At a captured camp, the PIF soldiers look through Rock's briefcase and do not find any documents, so Ibraha and Takenaka try to interrogate him to no avail.

Voice Actors[]

In name association to Summary.

Songs used[]

  • Opening Theme – Red Fraction (by Mell)
  • Chang and Revy vs. the Protectors of the Islamic Front – Rock the Carnival
  • Takenaka gives the wrong password – The Way to Last Night
  • Shenhua helps Revy escape ambush – Melting Brain
  • Rock surrounded by guerrilla fighters, Takenaka interrogates Rock – After the Rain
  • Ending Theme – Don’t Look Behind (ending version)