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Lord Alfred
Name Lord Alfred
Gender Male
Affiliation Nazis
Race German
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 08: Das Wieder Erstehen Des Adlers Part 4
Anime Episode 06: Moonlit Hunting Grounds
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Fumio Matsuoka
English Anime Voice French Tickner
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Lord Alfred (アルフレード, Arufurēdo), originally a Schutzstaffel (SS) officer in Nazi Germany, was part of a cabal of officers within the SS who had realized that the days of the Third Reich was at an end. Before Berlin was encircled by the Red Army in late April 1945, they had managed to secure a sizable amount of capital into secured accounts, hiding the numbers within a painting titled, "The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda". He then entrusted the painting into the custodianship of Lt. Col. Spielberger of the SS, with the implication that the painting was done by Adolf Hitler (in actuality, the painting was made by an obscure painter, being that Hitler was only capable of drawing crude outdoor scenes). Spielberger then made his way to the U-Boat pens at Kiel and boarded U-1324, who was taking Lt. Col. Matsuda back to Japanese-held Batavia in Indonesia (now known as Jakarta). However, the U-Boat was sunk just miles away from its target by a U.S. Navy patrol looking for Japanese submarines. Most of the crew died when the air ran out, while some of them, including their captain Wentzel H. Ahbe, were shot to death by Spielberger.

For the most part, the U-Boat remained forgotten in its watery grave – until a French telecommunications company discovered the sub while laying cable in the area. Alfred, now in hiding in South America, was able to find-out about the sub and formulated an interesting plan. A United States neo-Nazi group, the Aryan Socialist Union, had petitioned his help in financing their efforts. He then assigned them the job of going down to the U-Boat and salvaging the painting. At the same time, however, he also gave the job to the Lagoon Company, who he knew was owned by the African-American Dutch. His objective was to see if the A.S.U. was capable of beating-out what he felt was a 'racially-inferior' group. However, even though the A.S.U. was successful in their job, they ended-up getting slaughtered by Revy and Dutch when the two boarded the ship during the neo-Nazis' drunken celebration. While on the phone to Alfred, the A.S.U.'s leader Ratchman had learned of his deception, much to his horror. Alfred then told Dutch, who, along with Revy was there as well, told him that, despite the racist contempt he held for his race, held a small amount of respect for him.