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Name Maki
Gender Female
Age Teens
Affiliates Yukio Washimine
Race Japanese
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 24: Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise Part 3
Anime Episode 20: The Succession
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Shiho Kawaragi
English Anime Voice Ashleigh Ball
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Maki (真希, Maki) is a high school junior and a close friend of Yukio Washimine. Maki seems to be the typical Japanese high school girl, her care-free life standing in stark contrast to Yukio's after her father's death. She is interested in skin-care, has a part-time job, reads light horror novels, and has poor school grades. This also makes her a symbolic representation of innocence, adolescence, and normalcy, all of which Yukio chooses to give up when she enters the world of gang violence she inherited. Maki does not appear again after this decision, presumably continuing to live a life not privy to the horrors of the underworld Yukio is facing.


Maki has black hair tied up in pigtails with blue hair ribbons. Her face is framed by two black strands and the left half of her head appears to be partially shaved to give the bangs on the right a more stylized, combed-over look. Her large black eyes often portray the innocence she represents. She has a soft jawline, giving her more rounded cheeks. She wears a dark blue, sailor-style Japanese school uniform with a red ribbon and matching skirt. Her shoes are typical rounded loafers in black, with dark leggings cut off above the knee and occasionally a brown trench coat worn over the uniform when it snows.


Yukio Washimine[]

Though Maki is not shown for long, it becomes apparent through her conversations with Yukio that the two are close friends and have a mutual respect. As such, Maki takes notice when Yukio gets increasingly emotionally distant and heavily distracted during their time together. Yukio hides her father's legacy from Maki, never revealing that she was distracted by his murder for being The Washimine Group's head. Yukio is split between two worlds, having strong ties to both Maki and her family, but torn at the thought of leaving either behind. As she sees more flashes of the yakuza underworld her father played such a large role in, and grows a stronger bond with Ginji, she begins losing interest in continuing her previous routines and hobbies.

Maki is the last tie to Yukio's old life she severs, and she does so in person instead of passively as she did with her other ties. As cars full of strange men arrive, Yukio tells Maki she is a very good girl and should get along with her mother. Maki is confused by the odd behavior exhibited in what should be a typical departure, but Yukio chooses to shove her off her feet as she cowers behind her from the men, leaving with them and causing Maki to cry. Despite the strong front Yukio puts on in front of the yakuza, her subsequent conversation in the car with Ginji is briefly interrupted by a few tears escaping.