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To evade the gunship, Dutch drives the Black Lagoon down a river, but reaches a dead end. Realizing the futility of their situation, the members of the Lagoon Company begin to plan for the worst. Despite this, Rock concocts a plan to defeat the gunship, deducing that the gunship pilot's mentality is akin to that of a duelist wanting to face their opponent face-to-face. Following Rock's plan, Dutch uses a sunken ship as a springboard to launch the Black Lagoon into the air and destroy the gunship with torpedoes. The Lagoon Company manages to deliver the disk to Balalaika, who gives the disk to Kageyama, as he had made a deal with the Russian Mafia as a contingency. Instead of returning with Kageyama, however, Rock decides to stay with the Lagoon Company, who accept him as a new member.

Voice Actors[]

In name association to Summary.

Songs used[]

  • Opening Theme – Red Fraction (by Mell)
  • Kageyama laments at sunrise, arranges for flight – Tear Drops to Earth
  • Boat at dead end, gunship hovers, Dutch gives up – Don’t Look Behind (requiem version)
  • Rock discusses torpedo plan – The Way to Last Night
  • Boat and gunship play chicken – Don’t Stop! (guitar version)
  • Balalaika thanks Rock; Rock joins Lagoon Company – After the Rain
  • Radio song – ???
  • Lagoon Company finishes pirating tanker boat – Tear Drops to Earth
  • Ending Theme – Don’t Look Behind (ending version)