Summary[edit | edit source]

Dutch and Revy leave the Black Lagoon on a motorboat to raid the Nazis' ship. With the Nazis celebrating their retrieval of the painting, the two easily enter the ship, and Dutch instructs Revy to distract the crew while he searches for the painting. Revy obliges, killing all the Nazis she comes across, but Dutch is forced to stop her when she tries to kill the civilian crew members, which Dutch attributes to Revy's unease at accepting Rock into the crew. Dutch eventually finds Ratchman, the Nazi commander, talking to Sir Alfred, a former Schutzstaffel member that ordered Ratchman to retrieve the painting. Dutch deduces that Alfred hired the Lagoon Company to doubly insure that he would acquire the painting, and Ratchman is furious at this revelation. After Alfred ends the conversation, Dutch and Revy kill Ratchman, finishing their mission.

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