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Shenhua evades the trap, but is shot by Eda after Revy acts as a decoy. On the roof, Rock and Jane are confronted by Sawyer the Cleaner, but she goes into shock after losing her electrolarynx in an explosion. Lotton the Wizard confronts Revy, who shoots him. As the building collapses, Dutch and Benny return to port, and Revy, Eda, Jane, and Rock jump onto the boat along with several of the bounty hunters. Dutch begins using evasive maneuvers to cause the bounty hunters to fall off the boat, and Revy dispatches the remaining bounty hunters except Russel, who manages to make it to the engine room, where he is confronted by Eda. Russel recalls seeing Eda in Washington, D.C., and Eda admits to being a CIA agent before killing him. In the computer room, Benny manages to access Jane's counterfeiting files using his hacking talents, and Jane kisses him in return. Back at the dock, Lotton the Wizard, who survived thanks to his bulletproof vest, offers to help Shenhua reach medical help for her gunshot wound.

Voice Actors[]

In name association to Summary.

Songs used[]

  • Opening Theme – Red Fraction (by Mell)
  • Sawyer walks toward Rock and Jane – ???
  • Eda riddles Shenhua with bullets, Dutch and Benny pull up – ???
  • Revy versus Claude “Torch” Weaver – ???
  • Russell recognizes Eda – Dark Side of the Moon
  • Eda in her blue dress and dinner with a Senator – Tear Drops to Earth
  • Ending Theme – Don’t Look behind (ending version)