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Oversaturation Kill Box
Oversaturation Kill Box.png
Episode 28, OVA
Title Oversaturation Kill Box
Release Date March 11, 2011
Manga Chapters El Baile de la muerte Part 21
El Baile de la muerte Part 22
El Baile de la muerte Part 23
El Baile de la muerte Part 24
El Baile de la muerte Part 25
El Baile de la muerte Part 26
El Baile de la muerte Part 27
El Baile de la muerte Part 28
El Baile de la muerte Part 29
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Angels in the Crosshairs
Codename Paradise, Status MIA


Rock has anticipated most of the action so far, but is waiting for a final piece to fall into place. Roberta runs into Revy's group. Fabiola tries to confront her, but Roberta is in a daze. She leaves and Revy's group chases after her. Garcia realizes that the soldiers who have taken him were the group that killed his father and drove Roberta to her present state. He tries to shoot the captain with a gun he found in an alleyway but is tackled. The captain of the US troops offers his gun to Garcia, saying he has the right to take revenge. At this point, Balalaika intervenes, telling the US troops over the radio that Roberta is right above them. Balalaika's group fires on Roberta from the roof of the opposite building. Roberta gets away. Revy's group tries to continue to chase Roberta, but is stopped from ambushing the US troops by Balalaika's group. Revy is injured in the process. Garcia opens the envelope Rock had given him earlier. It has instructions to bring the US troops to an extraction point.

Eda arrives at Rock's car, revealing that she had sold him a large amount of supplies, and tells Rock that he's going to have to call the missing piece himself. The missing piece in Rock's plan is Dutch, who must agree to take a job. Rock calls Dutch, smoothing things over; Dutch then gets a call from Mr. Chang, asking him to ferry the troops out of the city.

Balalaika continues to escort the troops, shooting Roberta with machine gun fire and RPGs as Balalaika talks the US captain on the radio. It is revealed that Balalaika was discharged after being caught by the international media helping a child refugee.

The troops make it to Dutch and Benny, along with Rock, Revy, Garcia, and Fabiola. Benny reveals that they are heading up a river to the "Golden Triangle," a place where Thailand, Burma, and Laos share a border. Fabiola and Revy get into a squabble. Rock is surprised to find that Garcia is carrying a gun, and tells Garcia that he requires more of his help.

Roberta is shown boarding a plane where she is greeted by Eda. Roberta accepts Eda's help, saying she'll kill her painlessly after finishing her current chase.

Songs used[]

  • Opening Theme — Red Fraction (IO Drive Mix) (by Kazuya Takase)
  • American soldiers take Garcia — Sneak Attack
  • Roberta fights off Shenhua and Sawyer — Don’t Stop! (guitar version)
  • Garcia and Diego look at picture — El Sol se Recuesta
  • Roberta tries attacking Americans — Deadly Weapon
  • Roberta on motorcycle — ???
  • Balalaika recalls saving child — Dizzy Maniac
  • PT boat goes up Mekong River, Revy talks to Fabiola — Tear Drops to Earth
  • Ending Theme — When Johnny Comes Marching Home