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The Lagoon Company is contracted by a Colombian cartel to deliver a hostage, and Dutch assigns Rock to watch the boy while they are in transit. Rock learns that the boy is Garcia Lovelace, the heir to one of the wealthiest families in South America, and that the cartel had abducted Garcia after his father refused to allow the cartel to intimidate him. Concerned with the circumstances surrounding Garcia's abduction, Dutch contacts Balalaika for information on the Lovelace family and the cartel. As they enter Roanapur, Garcia is confident that he will be saved by Roberta, the Lovelace family maid. Meanwhile, Roberta is traveling through Roanapur looking for Garcia, and is confronted by members of the cartel in a bar. As the members of the Lagoon Company and Garcia enter the same bar, Roberta begins a firefight with the cartel members.

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