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While staying in Roanapur, where the Lagoon Company is situated, Dutch is accosted by Chin, a gangster who warns Dutch of continuing to work for Balalaika. Dutch ignores his warnings and receives a job from an anonymous employer. As the group leaves on the Black Lagoon, Chin contacts Luak, the head of a pirate gang, to kill the Lagoon Company, and Luak attacks the Black Lagoon with a squadron of boats. Dutch tricks two of the boats into destroying each other via friendly fire, and Revy destroys the rest with a M79 grenade launcher and PM-63 RAK while leaping from boat to boat. Subsequently, the job is revealed to be a hoax set up by Chin, who is killed by Balalaika.

Voice Actors[]

In name association to Summary.

Songs used[]

  • Opening Theme – Red Fraction (by Mell)
  • Buddha statue, Roanapur the “City of immorality” – Mad Club
  • Dutch walks through Roanapur – Tadpole Dance
  • Lagoon Company driving through town – Let Me Know Your Name
  • Mr. Chin talks on phone – After the Rain
  • Revy talks about her past, Mr. Chin’s pirates speeding – 66 Steps
  • Pirate friendly fire – Foxy Doll
  • Revy takes out all 6 ships – Don’t Stop!
  • Balalaika confronts Mr. Chin – The Way to Last Night
  • Dutch invites group to drink at Yellowflag Bar – Tear Drops to Earth
  • Ending Theme – Don’t Look Behind (ending version)