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Balalaika's attacks reduce the manpower of The Washimine Group to a third of its former strength, and Yukio orders the Washimine Group members to abandon their strongholds to avoid the attacks. Discovering that Hotel Moscow is using electric company vans to execute their attacks, Yukio and Ginji use a similar van to rob a bank to point the police towards the Hotel Moscow vans. Following the robbery, Yukio muses about traveling to Roanapur with Ginji to start a Yakuza group there. Revy and Rock meet with Balalaika, and Rock asks Balalaika to end the assault on the Washimine Group. Balalaika responds by holding Rock at gunpoint, but she releases Rock after he claims he is a villain like her. In a park near his parents' house, Rock admits to Revy that he returned to Japan to sever his ties with his former life, and that he has found the resolve to do so.

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