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The Captain
The Captain.jpg
Name The Captain
Gender Male
Affiliation Extra Order Mercenary Group
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 00: Black Lagoon
Anime Episode 01: The Black Lagoon
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Masahiko Tanaka
English Anime Voice Paul Dobson
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The Captain was the leader of the Extra Order Mercenary Group, who was an ex-soldier who was in the battle at the Liberian civil war in the 1990s.


The Captain had a sadistic personality and had no problem with killing a lot of people to get the job done. He also considered himself something of a cowboy looking for a good battle.

He and his crew were hired by Kageyama to retrieve a disk that contained information on Nuclear Weaponry. He had his men shoot everyone in the Yellow Flag, looking for the disk. Later when the Black Lagoon crew escapes to their boat he pursues them in his Mi-24 helicopter, shooting at them and forcing them up a river where they became cornered by a waterfall. The Lagoon crew turns their ship around and heads for the captain at full speed. Using a half-sunken boat as a ramp they shot at the captain's helicopter with the front tropedos. One misses, but the second hits the Captain in the face, killing him, and causing the helicopter to crash.