Summary[edit | edit source]

Rock joins Balalaika for her talks with the Kosa Council, and asks her to completely destroy The Washimine Group to force Yukio to adopt a normal life. Balalaika then kills the leader of the Kosa Council, and informs Rock that Hotel Moscow's attacks on the Washimine Group will cease. Rock leaves with Revy on a motorcycle. They are rammed by a van driven by Yukio and Ginji, who kidnap Rock and make him lead them to Hotel Moscow's base. Revy steals a truck and forces Yukio to stop the van. Ginji and Revy fight while Rock attempts to reason with Yukio. He deduces that Yukio felt forced into becoming part of the criminal underworld, and she admits that she wished her normal life could continue. This admission causes Ginji to pause momentarily, allowing Revy to fatally shoot him. Due to the deaths she feels responsible for, Yukio apologizes to Rock and commits suicide using Ginji's katana. When Rock returns to Roanapur, Balalaika sends him a picture of Yukio, and Rock remarks that he wants to see Roanapur from the "twilight" he is in.

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

In name association to Summary.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the rest of the series, this episode opens with a cold open rather than “Red Fraction”.
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