Tsugio Bando

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Name Tsugio Bando
Gender Male
Affiliates Yukio Washimine
Ginji Matsuzaki
Affiliation The Washimine Group
Race Japanese
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 22: Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise Part 1
Anime Episode 19: Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Tomomichi Nishimura
English Anime Voice John Novak
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Tsugio Bando (坂東次男, Tsugio Bandō) was the wakagashira (underboss) of the Washimine Group. Since the position of boss of the Washimine Group was left vacant by the death of the former boss Ryuzo Washimine, Yukio's father, Tsugio was the actual boss of the Washimine Group.

Tsugio is very loyal to the memory of Ryuzo, who had protected him after he just arrived in Tokyo from Osaka. Due to his hatred of the Kosa Council, stemming from the Council's ill-treatment of the Washimine Group, he allied with Hotel Moscow for a short time in order for his group to rise and make a name for itself. However, his plans and Hotel Moscow's completely differed in approach, as Balalaika was more brutal in her methods. He was killed in a desperate attempt to assassinate Balalaika and protect the Washimine Group, Balalaika easily dodging his attempt to stab her and then broke his neck.

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