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Greetings, and thanks for coming to my Black Lagoon Wiki profile. I actually found Black Lagoon after I finished watching Jormungand as Crunchyroll gave me a related show suggestion. It was season 1 of Black Lagoon, and I fuckin' loved it. Revy especially and yeah I know she's the fan favorite but man, she's awesome! But the animation and the stories with the massive personalities just makes for some great watching for me.

"Good job dick-ward!" Well, I think it's good position...

About Me[edit | edit source]

  • I've in Scotland for the majority of my life - some day I hope to visit Asian; India/Darjeeling, Tibet and Japan.
  • One of my favorite color's Emerald Green. Either that or Midnight Blue.
  • The Bakumatsu Era of Japan is perhaps one of my personal favourite times of human history, for it's culture and it's fascinating Bushido lifestyle.
  • I enjoy Drawing/Painting, Writing, reading Comics/Manga (sometimes), some of favorites are; Ruruoni Kenshin, Watchemen, Maus and Death Note.
  • I'm currently learning animation (on my own), hoping to someday create my own someday.
  • All aspects of film are massively enjoyable for me, for the different range of characters and stories - some of my favorites are; No Country For Old Men, The End of Evangelion, Princess Mononoke, The Dark Knight, Scareface...

Top 5 Favourite Characters/Articles[edit | edit source]

  1. Revy
  2. Roberta
  3. Balalaika
  4. Hänsel and Gretel
  5. Rock / Shenhua

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