I am writing a Fanfic on FanFiction.net called "Give My Love to Rock".

It is based off https://www.deviantart.com/kiani-for-chan electric chair drawings featuring Revy (being recaptured and sent to the electric chair):




But, don't worry she doesn't die. Her friends Rock, Dutch, and Benny are able to rescue her, but a little too late. She receives one jolt (as seen in part 3) before she is rescued. The shock damaged parts of her brain responsible for memory, face recognition, emotions and movement. Her left eye is damaged during the execution, resulting in blurred vision in that eye. Revy is able to speak, but her words are slurred/stuttered (but you can still understand what she is saying) and there are problems with her movement, like walking is a bit of a problem.

Thanks to Eclipse, I may have trouble reaching out to "Kiani" regarding ideas to the story (since he or she sometimes takes a long break from deviantART before returning). I would like any help if possible with the story or contacting "Kiani".

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