An outside look.

The Yellow Flag is a bar owned by Bao, which he opened-up after settling in Roanapur after the Vietnam War.

A recurring theme is that the bar is often destroyed when major fights take place with Bao saying that Revy owes him money for the damage done. It has been said by Bao that the bar has been destroyed 15 times, the worst of them done by Roberta and Fabiola Iglesias, and most of those times being destroyed were caused by Revy. Most of the thugs in Roanapur visit and start fights there. Bao uses the bar as a way of gathering information, which he sells. Due to the violent nature of the Roanapur and the frequent violent gang wars, the bar has a built-in bulletproof steel plating that he had installed, which can withstand .50-cal ammunition. The bar has an upstairs that is used as a brothel called the Sloppy Swing run by an obese woman called Madam Flora.

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