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Name Yoshida
Gender Male
Affiliates Tsugio Bando
Yukio Washimine
Ginji Matsuzaki
Affiliation The Washimine Group
Race Japanese
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 22: Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise Part 1
Anime Episode 19: Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise
Anime Voice
Japanese Anime Voice Kenta Mitaka
English Anime Voice Trevor Devall
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Yoshida (吉田, Yoshida) was one of the enforcers who worked for the Washimine Group. He was very loyal to Tsugio Bando and referred to him as an older brother. Yoshida was usually seen as a bodyguard for Tsugio, and later Yukio when she inherited the leadership of the Washimine Group. During Yukio's inheritance of the Washimine Group's head position, it was Yoshida who rallied support for the young lady. He is killed by Chaka during Yukio's kidnapping.


He always had a fierce drive, and angry rage towards those who would endanger the Washimine clan. And has undying devotion to the clan as expressed through the last time he saw Bando alive and walking towards doom and trying to save Yukio from Chaka. He tended to be loud with his speech and was likely to tear-up due to turmoil in the clan